Medical Rehabilitation at SOPHOS

SOPHOS Rehabilitation Center is a project under development for the construction and operation of a high-quality private Medical Rehabilitation center in Bulgaria, Europe.

SOPHOS Rehabilitation Center plans to offer full in-patient treatment for clients who require:

SOPHOS Rehabilitation Center plans to offer the highest level of medical rehabilitation services, in a the  most comfortable and motivating ways possible.

SOPHOS Rehabilitation Center plans to cater to international clients who are accustomed to the very best, and plans to surprise them by surpassing their expectations.

SOPHOS Rehabilitation Center could be classified under the category of “medical tourism”, offering medical rehabilitation services to clients predominantly from:

  • Europe.
  • Middle East, &
  • S.E. Asia.

Patients will be offered:

  • the highest standards of medical and rehabilitative services,
  • occupational therapy and a range of treatment options,
  • comfortably luxury amenities,
  • a stunning environment,
  • plentiful activities & entertainment,
  • a range of other shop & local service offerings,
  • optional participation in local charitable projects,
  • facility to be accompanied and encouraged by family,
  • invitation to be a part of the SOPHOS Rehabilitation Community,
  • and much, much more…

For some key definitions:

Built on a foundation of Hospital-level medical treatment, much of the Medical Rehabilitation offered by SOPHOS Rehabilitation Center can be classified as “Physical rehabilitation”, but clients of the center also receive other forms of support and treatment, including “Occupational therapy” and a wide range of other therapies & services.

  • Physical rehabilitation: Enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities
  • Occupational therapy:  Enable engagement in everyday living, through occupation that fosters health and well-being; enabling to participate to full potential in the daily occupations of life

All possible efforts at SOPHOS Rehabilition Center are put to the maximum possible rehabilitation of its clients.

  • Rehabilitation: Restore to good health and useful life, ‘re-enable’

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Medical Rehabilitation